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No more chasing down brands or agencies for payments.
Create and send invoices instantly from the app. We'll handle payment and deposit earnings into your Mecena account, ensuring full compliance for you and your sponsors.
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Stand out to brands & earn more deals.

👉 Every invoice you send is proof of your brand's reliability. By sending streamlined and compliant invoices you will make your sponsors and agency's lives much much easier 👈

Add the client details & the price agreed.

Request the business information of the brand or agency you are billing. Then, specify the agreed amount and details of the sponsorship.

Choose a pay deadline & we'll do the rest.

Base your payment deadlines on brand agreements to notify us of expected funds. We'll then issue a tailored, compliant invoice that matches your profile's style for the brand to pay.

Offer your clients multiple ways to pay you.

Each invoice features a payment link with various methods (Credit Card, wire transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, iDeal, Sofort, etc.), ensuring flexible and faster payments. Say goodbye to payment delays.

Invoice without the hassle 🙌


Common Questions

Is there a limit on how many invoices can I send?

There's a restriction on the number of invoices you can send depending on what plan you are choosing. Please visit our plan page for more information.

How customizable are my invoices?

At Mecena we are all about automatization. Your invoices are already customized to your profile aesthetics, although you can always change your logo.

Are there commissions for invoices?

We provide a variety of payment options to your clients to ensure you get your money fast. Depending on the payment method selected by the brand, there are processing fees charged by the payment rail provider.


Check below the list of payment methods and their fees:



EU Standard Cards 1.90% + €0.25

EU Premium Cards 2.95% + €0.25

UK Cards 2.90% + €0.25

International Cards 3.25% + €0.25


Payment Rails

SEPA Direct Debit €0.35

iDEAL €0.29

Giropay 1.40% + €0.25

Sofort 1.40% + €0.25