About us 👋

Hey Creators,

This is Hugo, coFounder of Mecena. I’d like to give you a glimpse into our story, and trust me, it’s straight from the heart.

April 19th, 2021: After eight years working in tech, I finally decided to have the guts, forget what others might think about me and hit "upload" on my first ever YouTube video. It was about moving to a new home and running a marathon on the same day. Crazy, right? I still remember that feeling midway into the video: Imagine if I actually live from this… just doing whatever I want… aah, what a life would it be.

Five months in, I quit my job to dive fully into YouTube. I loved every bit of it. But in a few months, money got tight. I remember like it was yesterday walking into a traditional bank branch looking for a loan, and guess what? They laughed. Yep, right in my face. And little did I know, that was the spark of everything.

For a while, I thought about an idea that could help me grow as a creator in a unique way and will strengthen the relationship with my fans. I decided to talk with some of the smartest people I knew to help me develop this idea. Problem was, they made me realize that I could help all sorts of creators, not just myself.

I stopped from uploading to pour all my energy into Mecena. In the first two months of this, I was receiving weekly messages like:

- Hugo why are you not publishing?!
- When are you coming back?
- You are just taking a break, aren’t you?

Instead of getting discouraged, these messages fired me up. They made me think about how many creators must have gotten similar messages and from there it was clear: we want to help anyone to be able to live by doing whatever they truly enjoy. This will always be Mecena’s mission as long as I’m its founder.

Iteration after iteration, we have built the core banking infrastructure for creators. But this is just our first step. Much, much more is coming.

If you got any questions, make sure to hit me up at [email protected] 🙌

Keep creating!