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All your business, under one roof 🙌.
Get a business account made for creators available to you in minutes to centralise all your income and ensure accurate tax prep.

Business Account


Get a European-localized IBAN

We currently provide Spanish, French, German, and Dutch IBANs, but more will be added.

Move money conveniently, and commission-free!!

Instantly send and receive money with unlimited free SEPA transfers per month. You don't pay fees when you send money to someone or move it to another account.


Debit Cards


A debit card that keeps you tax-ready!

Simplify your creator's work life with Mecena’s Business Debit cards. Pay business expenses comfortably by card or withdraw cash. Manage your cash flow in real time and avoid end-of-the-month surprises.

Virtual Cards for safe online payments...

Instant access, control, and security at your fingertips. No more waiting – create digital debit cards any time. 

Lock and unlock your physical debit cards from your phone in case they get lost or stolen.




Tax surprises? Not on our watch.

Set up a separate account to auto-save your country's standard tax rate (19%,20% or 21%) of each payment you receive for tax prep. When it's time to make quarterly payments, simply draw your money from this account.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Verify transactions using a combination of passwords, passcodes, and biometrics.

Real-time notifications

Stay in the know with push notifications whenever a payment is sent or received.

FDIC Insured

All Mecena accounts are insured up to €100,000 through our partner bank Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC.

Common Questions

How long does it take to open an account?

You can open an account in less than 6 minutes, although in some cases we will require more time to process all the information.

Our onboarding is divided into three principal steps:

- Personal & Legal Information

Where you tell us who you are and about your creator career.

- Secure your account

Where you set up a passcode and a mobile 2FA for enhanced security.

- Validate your ID

Where you provide proof of identity (make sure to have a National ID ready).

Are there any fees when using the cards?

Yes, there are additional fees charged by our banking partner for the following events. 

- Cash withdrawals at ATMs in France and the SEPA area: €1.00

- Cash withdrawals at ATMs outside the SEPA Area: 2% of the amount withdrawn

- Card payment for goods and services in shops or remotely outside the Euro Zone: 2% of the amount paid.